Cycling, photography & lasagna.

Things I love, just not together.
I love helping brands, businesses, and organisations connect with their users through good product design. Good design is good business, and there is nothing more fulfilling than seeing a company grow through the power of design.

As a designer with +10 years of experience, I find my passion for the field is only growing. I’ve mastered several aspects of my work, and yet I feel there’s much more to learn. We are ever-evolving as users humans, as the technology evolves around us even faster.

Previously I co-founded Salary and Paperflow, while being head of design at both places. After a few years, I took my show on the road to help other companies find their design voice as a product designer and strategic partner.


Senior Product Designer, Worksome (2021-now)
Freelance fulltime (2018-2021)
Head of Design & Partner, Paperflow (2015-2018)
Lead Product Designer & Co-founder, (2015-2018)
Product Designer, Shape (2014-2015)
Internship San Francisco, Billy (2014)
Digital Project Coordinator, Studenterlauget (2013-2014)
Designer, (2013-2014)

Main skills

User experience design (UX)
How it works.
Web and user interface design
How it looks.
Interaction & Motion design
I like to move it.
Product strategy
Plan for the future.
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